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We are seeing increased lead times with most of our suppliers. Between COVID19, import tariffs on steel and aluminum, a lack of qualified truck drivers and a few other factors, many of our products are out anywhere from 4 weeks to four months. If you are looking for anything in particular, please get in line now!

Sun-Mar composting toilets offer the consumer lots of choices in design, function, and personal preferences.  One of the first things you will want to decide is whether you want a self-contained composting toilet or a centralized toilet with the composting bin below the floor.

Self Contained

Benefits and uses of a self contained composting toilet include:

  • Operates without any water

  • Marine or RV uses

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Economical one piece design

  • Electrical models can usually evaporate all liquids

  • Electric and non-electric models available

  • Use where there is no space below floor level for a central unit.

See the self contained models


Benefits and uses of a centralized composting toilet include:

  • Water free or 1 pint flush options

  • Traditional styled toilets

  • Options for multiple toilets

  • Electric and non-electric models



See the Centralized models

***A Sun-mar consumer, who is a wetland ecologist and restoration ecologist, suggests that you try to find some other source of bulking material than sphagnum moss. Sphagnum is an extremely slow-growing plant that forms only in specific wetland types (bogs) which take millennia to form. Just a hint to make you more environmentally aware so that we can, together, find an effective and environmentally friendly bulking organic material for these toilets.  Other options may include coconut coir, wood shavings/sawdust, leaf mold or finished compost -- and actually a blend of these usually works better than a straight load of just one of them. A blend of bio-mass promotes better aeration and offers better microbiological action for the composting of thermophilic microbes.

For a current brochure on Sun-Mar's products, click here : Toilet Brochure_English.pdf

NOTE: Sun-Mar products ship from New York State.

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